Jeni Stembridge

Growing up in the woods, I spent my childhood uncovering bear dens, exploring moonlit meadows, climbing mountains and crawling through lava tubes. I have always told stories, and by age seven I was spending much of my time in a musty chicken coop, plugging awkwardly at an ancient typewriter in the middle of the woods with a sign outside made from smelly markers reading “Publishing Company.”

In my more recent past I have developed a love for visual storytelling as well, spending the past ten years being awestruck at the incredible beauty of icebergs in Antarctica, climbing Mayan ruins in the jungles of Guatemala, living in a tent on an island in the Nile, falling in love with penguin chicks, scuba diving with Whale Sharks off the coast of Honduras, camping in the eerie White Desert in Western Egypt, swimming through sacrificial caves in Belize, and avoiding run-ins with polar bears in the Arctic Circle. 

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